Alessandro Marcelli

Author of the "Project Agony" fantasy saga

About me

Who am I?

That's a good question, a question without a simple answer.

Talking about myself isn't very easy, but let's try...

Well, I was born in 1986 in Albenga (Liguria, Italy), and I live in Finale Ligure (same region, same nation). I'm a web designer and a software developer, freelance of course (why "of course"? well, because I don't like to have working constraints, except with the client).

I started to write in 2009, when I found out I have Hodgkin's lymphoma, which, luckily, I recoverd from in 2010. But the stories in my mind were born much earlier, when I was 7 years old.

At that age I began to experience the symptoms of bipolar disorder (I know, my life isn't full of luckyness, but... who cares? :D ), having a "second personality (?)" / auditive allucination which I soon named "Agony".

I and Agony lived together since I was 21 years old, when I realized it was a disorder and not the standard to have a voice in my mind.

With the help of my psychiatrist (I don't believe in God, but if someone / something bigger than us exists, may this "God" bless him), I'm under control and I don't experience allucinations anymore.

But Agony, altough being a destructive presence in my life, inspired an entire univers of stories, I needed them to justificate his presence as I was a child.

So here comes the "Project Agony" (sounds familiar?).

Personal Interests

I really love watching Anime and reading Manga.

I enjoy cooking, with some good results.

My Favorites

My favorite author is James Rollins, a real master, imho, of action novels.

Favorite Anime and Manga? In my opinion, of course Saint Seiya by Masami Kurumada.

Favorite dish: pasta "alla Norma" (pasta with tomato sauce and deep fried aubergines).